ABC House has a strong community outreach program that includes classes, programs,
support groups, and speakers. Child abuse education and enlightenment is believed to
be a necessary component to stopping future acts of child abuse. Therefore, as part of
ABC House’s mission, education and prevention programs dealing with child abuse
issues are provided free of charge to youth attending Benton and Linn county schools
as well as to the community at large.
We offer several community outreach options that cover topics such as: the facts about
child abuse, domestic/dating violence, and internet safety. In addition to presentations,
our community education outreach holds a support group, Girls Circle, for teen girls
ages 12-18.
School Presentations
Our school presentations are targeted for students in middle school and high school.
We understand that not all schools run on the same schedule and therefore we adjust
presentations to fit class times. Many of our high school Health and Child Development
teachers incorporate our presentations into their classroom curriculums.
* "What Teens Should Know About Abuse: Part 1" is a
90-minute presentation that helps students identify the
four types of abuse and their effects on children and
teens; how to report abuse in our community; the
grooming process of child abuse predators; juvenile offenders
and consequences for Measure 11 sex crimes.
* "What Teens Should Know About Abuse: Part 2" is a
90-minute presentation that is specific to domestic and
dating violence. Students will learn the effects of
domestic violence on kids and teens, what the signs
are of an unhealthy relationship, and how to leave a
relationship safely. Part two encourages student
participation and discussion.
* "What Teens should know: Internet Safety" is a 50-55
minute presentation for students in middle school that
addresses current issues and concerns involving
internet use. Topics covered in this presentation include
online grooming by predators, cyber bullying and harassment,
school sexual harassment, and sexting.
Community Presentations
Community presentations are similar to school presentations in terms of content but are
designed to target an adult audience. Our main focus with these presentations are to
help adults to be able to identify:
* The four types of abuse
* The effects of abuse on children, teens and families
* Methamphetamine and its role in child abuse
* The effects of domestic violence on children and teens
* Signs of predatory grooming
* Consequences for juvenile offenders
Parents, community members, teachers, youth and church organizations are welcome
to request a presentation.

Girls Circle
“Girls Circle” is a support group for girls from 12-18 years. The program is designed to
foster self-esteem through creative interaction and sharing activities. Today, many teen
girls struggle with serious issues such as: eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction,
violence, low self-esteem, and poor body image. Girls Circle strives to address and
improve the outcome of these issues through peer interaction and creative activities.
Each group is comprised of 6-10 girls that meet once a week for 8-10 weeks. Activities
are designed to allow girls to express themselves creatively while following the
curriculum designed by the Girls Circle Program.

If you have questions or are interested in scheduling a presentation, or about a Girls Circle, please feel free to contact me by phone or email:

Maria Schauble
ABC House Community Educator
Phone: (541) 926-2203

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