ABC House has a counseling program which focuses on providing healing services not only for children but also family members.  It is the belief of ABC House that children and families need the support and understanding of each other to heal from the abuse a child has suffered.  Referrals for outside services are also provided for families when needed or requested. 
Counseling services:
Individual counseling for children and adolescents (4-18 years old)
Family counseling
Parental support

Greg Warburton, MS, LPC, Director of Counseling
Amy Hulan, MS, MED, NCC

     Both trained and experienced in working with trauma and loss
     experienced by children, teens and their families, as well as, the many
     life challenges stemming from abuse and neglect.

Counseling hours:
     Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 12:00 P.M. and  5:00 P.M.
     Available hours of counselors depend on which counselor you are
     meeting with.  For information about cost of, and possible financial
     support for, counseling please give us a call. Appointments can be
     made by phone.

How to contact us:
     (541) 926 - 2203  (Albany)

Counseling beliefs:

     Kids and teens are remarkably resilient when supported by a focus on
     "what is right about you."  Kids and teens can become self- reliant when
     the focus is on listening for and highlighting, strengths and abilities.    
     Main goal is assisting kids and teens with "getting on with growing up"  
     and being happy with self, family and friends, even though some very 
     difficult life issues have arisen.

Counseling approach
One foundational belief is that people of all ages are responsible for and  
capable of effectively "running their own lives."  Each client is invited to
take charge of their life. Progress and successful outcomes are the result of a strong client-counselor relationship and constantly checking in with clients to confirm whether or not the counseling is working out for them. Since successful outcomes is not about specific methods, we utilize a variety of approaches which include: Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Energy Psychology, Positive Psychology - always looking for the best match for each client.

We are always learning about leading-edge approaches that are immediately practical and useful in aiding our clients with achieving self-confidence and self-reliance.


Any child between 4-18 years old who is affected by, is possibly at risk of being abused or has directly experienced abuse, along with their family, is eligible for counseling. Usually this is shortly after disclosure and/or investigation, but can also be years later.

Goals of treatment/benefits of counseling:
While "shrinking" anger, fear, guilt, anxiety, etc. we help the children become more self-confident, self-motivated and self-reliant "experts" in their lives, so they can keep growing up (or be able to live their life the way they want) and be happy.  In this light, counselor, Greg Warburton remembers the following child wisdom: 

                                            "Growing up is a promise you can promise yourself." (4 year old boy)
Benefits of Counseling
Counseling can play an important part in your child s healing process. It is an opportunity for your child to learn that no matter what has happened in their life, they can move forward to a happier future. 
Counseling can help your child find their own strengths and restore/build their self confidence and self reliance. This healing process will differ for each child, as does the time it takes each child to heal.
Parents and family may wish (and are encouraged) to become involved in the therapy process as it can be beneficial for the whole family.

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Providing a safe, respectful and healing environment for children who are victims of abuse.
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