Executive Director is Stepping Down in May

After nine years of unparalleled leadership, Jenny Gilmore-Robinson is stepping down as Executive Director for ABC House. During her tenure, she led the children’s advocacy center through a significant period of growth, including spearheading a capital campaign and the renovation of an 11,000 square foot facility in downtown Albany. This growth helped the organization meet a long-planned goal to increase the number of children they can serve by doubling their capacity.

ABC House Board President Stephenie Martinenko-Ray commented, “Jenny has built an amazing organization that helps so many children and families due to the most horrific of circumstances. Jenny brings light to this community.  As a leader, she is constantly researching, learning, and educating our community. She is fierce in the face of adversity, driving action around challenging obstacles. I have been in awe of the way she ‘shows up’ every day for her staff, for the Board, and for our community. She is kind, warm and empathetic, always listening and responding with a gentle voice and huge heart. Jenny is a hero to our community. I am forever grateful for her time at ABC House.”

Jenny will be joining CARES NW in Portland, the children’s advocacy center serving Multnomah and Washington counties, as Executive Director beginning in May. While ABC House staff, Board members, supporters, and the greater ABC House community are incredibly sad to see her leave, they are excited to see what she will do for the partner agency in Portland, and grateful she will remain a part of the larger CAC constellation.

“Working at ABC House has been the honor of my life so far and leaving feels exceptionally bittersweet. I can’t imagine working with a more talented and dedicated group of people than our staff, Board and multidisciplinary team partners,” Jenny commented. “I am grateful for every moment I have been part of this community.” In addition to the opportunity to grow her leadership at a larger organization, the move will allow Jenny and her husband to raise their daughter closer to family.